Buy Smart and Do It Right the First Time

Buying radio technology you need but do not understand is a big impediment to creating an affordable consumer (CB/SSB CB/FRS/GMRS) and amateur (MF/HF/VHF/UHF) two-way radio survival network.

Whether you are a new hobbyist or interested in preparedness issues, this book demystifies the world of amateur and consumer two-way radio communications. Written for newbies, the high-level and tactical concepts presented in this book offer a simple path for visioning, leading, and supervising the creation of an effective survival communications strategy.

RADIO NEWBIES: If you’ve never used two-way radios, when you finish reading this book, you will know where to begin, what to buy, when to buy it, and who needs to use it. When you finish reading this book, you will know the following and much more:

  • Radio basics to include, frequencies and desirable features.
  • How to select the right radios for the right jobs.
  • Protecting radios from damaging electrical events.
  • Networking with other communities and municipalities.
  • How to establish integrity with your listening audience.

SEASONED EXPERTS: For two-way radio technology professionals, this book offers a way to bridge the gap with technically challenged community leaders. You can establish common ground and help them to begin the vital task of deploying radio technology instead of wasting time and money.